Story guidelines

As I structure this book and ask others to share their true, first-person stories of God’s influence in their lives, I wanted to offer clarity.

Here’s what this book is about – and what it’s not.

Story guidelines

  • These are true, first-person stories. They actually happened, and you experienced it first hand.
  • These stories are not advocacy or evangelism. Nor are they a collection of sermons or life lessons. These are stories from everyday people about the influence of God in their lives, shared in their own words.
  • These stories are not telling others how to live or believe, but rather they share your experiences, values and beliefs in a personal way.
  • Stories follow a traditional story structure of having a beginning, a middle where something changes and an ending that brings resolution. It’s a format that helps stories be received.
  • The collection is not about any one denomination, spiritual practice, tradition or approach, but is it is about first-hand experiences with the Christian God: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • This collection of stories is not about any one individual. It’s about God and allowing Him to work through the stories He has placed in our lives. Each story resonates, but in ways we may not see.

About submitting

Individuals under the age of 18 may submit their story with parent permission. Stories in and outside of Iowa are welcome.

Stories that are political in nature or could be construed as advocacy for social or societal issues will not be considered.

Please note there’s no guarantee that stories will be published. If selected, Mackenzie asks you give her permission to publish and distribute your story.

Questions? Please ask!

Interested in sharing your story of faith? Submit here.