How to start


If you’re ready to share your faith story but unsure where to begin, that’s okay!

Every story that’s shared starts with the willingness to share it.

Here’s some ideas of where to start:

  • A journey
  • A mission
  • A calling
  • A conversion
  • A prayer
  • A divine intervention
  • A divine appointment
  • A miracle
  • A moment of truth
  • An awakening

There is no story too small. Just think of the parable of the mustard seed! Every story can bring God glory in a big way.

As you prepare to share your story asked yourself:

  • What happened next?
  • How did it impact me and those around me?
  • What did it mean to me at the time?

Your story might take you in a direction that surprises you. Let go of the story you think it “should” be and embrace the story as a gift, given as it is meant to be.

We each have many stories, and the one you share might be compelling or complex, giant or gentle, humble or humorous. It’s your story, so it’s unique to you.

Here’s a simple story structure to follow. You’ll recognize its use in movies:

  • A beginning that introduces age, place and characters
  • A middle where something changes, a tension that builds
  • A resolution

It’s okay to not have a complete story when submitting. Share what you have to share when you’re ready to share it.

Please note: We want your story to be safe for you and the people in your story.

We ask that you share stories that can be shared with an 8-year-old. (Think of a “PG” movie.)

It can include but does not entertain the darkness, and it is told with God’s light: Hope.

Interested in sharing your story of faith? Submit here.