Christian Stories

Mackenzie is collecting true, first-person stories of God’s love for an upcoming book.  Christian stories are welcome: Stories may explore a life-changing moment of God’s grace, the influence of gentle love over time, or any moments in between. They may be compelling or complex, humble or humorous.

Mackenzie will individually coach all stories so they can be received by a wide audience, including for length, clarity and focus. This typically takes three coaching phone calls. She asks you give her permission to publish and distribute your story.

Individuals under the age of 18 may submit their story with parent permission. Stories that are political in nature or could be construed as advocacy for social or societal issues will not be considered. Please note there’s no guarantee that stories will be published.

To start, create a simple outline and write in first person (using “I” or “me”, not “you” or “we”). Focus on specific moments told chronologically, although it’s okay to jump in time. As you write, let your story unfold – trust that the reader will receive what they need.

  • A beginning that introduces age, place and characters
  • A middle where something changes, a tension that builds
  • An ending that brings resolution

If you’re unsure where to begin, think of a time you knew God’s love, what was happening around you and inside you, and how that moment changed you.

When you’re ready, submit below.

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* If you are under 18, please include a parent or guardian’s name and contact in the “about me” field.