A story of divine providence


Mother Teresa told this story on “Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.” It was recorded June 2, 1989. Watch the entire interview here. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

The divine providence exists.

That’s the beautiful part, eh? His tenderness and love.

Let me give you one beautiful example.

We have many dispensaries here, mobile clinics in Calcutta.

A man came to me and said, “My only child is dying, and doctors prescribed this medicine. It cannot be gotten in Indian, you have to get it in England. So I have come to you.”

I have permission from our government to get any medicine at anytime from anywhere. So I was thinking what to do, who to contact, and then a man came with a basket of medicine.

I have people who go from house to house and pick up leftover medicine. They bring it to us. This is first God’s medicine, and then we give it to the poor people.

Just then the man came with the basket of medicine, and right on the top was that medicine. The medicine that I needed.

The doctor prescribed 12 tablets, and I looked into it and there was 12 tablets there.

If it was inside, I would not have seen. If he had come before or after.

What tenderness of God’s love, no? For that slum child.

As if God has nothing else to do, with millions and millions and millions of children in the world, and God’s concern for that little child in the slums of Calcutta.

To send that man at that time, to tell him to put the medicine on the top. Who could do that?

That’s His tender love. And the child was saved.

— Mother Teresa

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