Mackenzie is stepping out in faith to share stories of faith, using her 15 years of journalism experience to help others share stories of God’s love and grace.

Mackenzie Ryan photo headshot

The collection of Christian stories started years ago, after a painful accident prompted Mackenzie to pray a simple prayer:

“God, I can’t do this alone. I need your help.”

Join Mackenzie as she explores how God loves us in the everyday moments of our lives, through the mountains and valleys, the rocky paths and rolling fields.

She believes God’s personal, tender love is transforming, and she’ll explore the many ways we experience His transcending love.

Sound fascinating? We agree!

More about Mackenzie

Mackenzie continues to work as a reporter for the Des Moines Register and coach for the Des Moines Storyteller’s Project, a live event series hosted by the Register and broadcast on MC-22.

She graduated with honors from American University in Washington, D.C., with degrees in print journalism and economics. She’s won journalism awards for her work in multiple states.

Mackenzie lives in Des Moines, attends Lutheran Church of Hope and enjoys gardening, taking her dog Maddie on walks, and spending time with her friends and boyfriend.

To contact Mackenzie email her at