How to start

If you’re ready to share your faith story but unsure where to begin, that’s okay!

Every story that’s shared starts with the willingness to share it.

One approach is to think of an experience you tell friends or family.

Still not sure where to begin? Here are other suggestions:

  • A journey
  • A mission
  • A calling
  • A conversion
  • An answered or unanswered prayer
  • A divine intervention
  • An “everyday” miracle
  • A moment of truth
  • An awakening

As you prepare to share your story asked yourself: What happened next? What did it mean to me at the time?

You’re story might take you in a direction that surprises you. It might be compelling or complex, giant or gentle, humble or humorous. It’s your story, so it’s unique to you.

Here’s a simple story structure to follow. You’ll recognize its use in movies:

  • A beginning that introduces age, place and characters
  • A middle where something changes, a tension that builds
  • An ending that brings resolution

It’s okay to not have a complete story when submitting. Share what you have to share when you’re ready to share it.

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